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At Bennett and Hebert P.C. we prefer to set up flat fees instead of hourly.  We do this so you know how much the entire case will cost so you can properly budget our services.  So instead of charging $150 hourly and estimating an amount of time and then you hope we don’t go over, we instead set one or more flat fees with triggering events so you know what the entire case will cost.  In order to set up a flat fee we require you to set up an appointment so we can determine the complexity of your case then we can quote you a price for all the work we do as one fee.

The services we provide for the flat fee include, legal research/writing, correspondence, meetings, in and out of court work as needed for the case.

The only other costs would be for expenses, Some examples are court fees, registration fees, hiring constables/sheriffs to serve documents.  If you want a private investigator, forensic or other expert you would pay them separately.  We would set up the relationship instruct the expert on what to do and you would pay the expert directly yourself.  Experts are rarely used but they can be helpful.


Consultation:  a forty five minute consultation where you ask questions is $50.00

 Criminal Defense in the State District Court:

This could be any type of charge OUI, DUI, Possession, Distribution, Larceny, Assault, Battery, B and E, Reckless operation, any type of State District Court Crime you're accused of:

                  To take these types of cases to jury trial we charge a flat fee of $3,500.00

                  If the case can be settled short of a Jury trial then the flat fee is $1,500.00

                  Defending a violation of Probation in State District Court fee is   $1,000.00

At a consultation we would further explain what we do for the flat fee and upon payment sign a contract with you establishing the attorney client relation.  To keep our rates this low we expect your reasonable assistance in defending your case.  For example if the alleged crime scene is at your home we may need to visit or you might have to take photos for us.  We may require reference letters, or information on any witnesses you know, these are just some potential examples.

Reinstate Driver License Challenges:

Registry of Motor Vehicle Hearing are charged at a flat fee of $1,000.00

Board of Appeal on MV Policies and Bond at a flat fee of $1,000.00

Sealing Criminal Records or Correcting Errors in Records:

Will set up a flat fee on these types of cases but need to meet first to determine complexity.

S.O.R.B Defense:

Sex offender registration defense also available regarding classifications and appeals.

General Practice:

We represent a variety of other areas of law.  Representing small businesses, individual people whether you have to sue someone or you are being sued.  We handle cases that are in the courts or cases that just need legal documents written and registered. 

Call to set up a consultation.

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