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Bennett and Hebert P.C.
provides court coverage services to other law firms.  Massachusetts has a large number of District Courts and no one law firm can be everywhere all the time.  To assist other firms we agree to cover debt collection cases in the district court for reasonable fees.  Our firm provides two attorneys that can cover multiple courts per week.  If there is a court with a heavy calendar both of us can attend the same session. 

We each have over a decade of practical in court experience covering these types of cases for dozens of law firms.  We professionally, ethically and legally cover these cases so that both you and us are in compliance with the law.

Our services in court include small claims, supplementary process and civil lawsuits.  Services include conducting contested magistrate trials, obtaining agreements for judgment, payment plans, confidentially obtaining financial information, negotiating settlements, contempt hearings, motions of every type, getting defaults, capias issued, capias returns and continuances.

Below you will see our regular schedule.  We cover every session listed on the calendar below.  If there is ever a day we couldn’t cover we would timely inform your offices.  We have trained other coverage attorney’s so that when we are on vacation our schedule below is still covered.

In regards to expanding on the schedule we are willing and able to go to other courts but would need to go for more than one case and would need advance notice to see if we can set up availability.

We are interested in expanding our coverage schedule.  If the small claims coverage group, civil coverage group or any member firms wanted to give up a session that they no longer cover, Bennett and Hebert would be interested in taking over any court sessions that the groups or firms cut back on covering.  If the BMC does add a night session our firm would be willing to pick up that session if enough firms are interested in sending us cases.

Standard Rates:

$15 dollars per case covered per session for obtaining sc/sp defaults, issuing capias or continuing a case.

$35 dollars per case covered per session for sc/sp/cv motions, afj, payment plans, trials, contempt, defendant ability to pay exams, return on capias exams, CMC and PT.

We regularly cover sessions at Ayer, Fitchburg, Gardner, Leominster, Orange and Winchendon District Courts.  Call 978-537-3045 for sessions information.

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